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Northbridge Expanded Video Surveillance Solutions


Video surveillance is a growing segment in the information technology world, and the options for use just keep on increasing. Traditionally, video camera surveillance systems were used primarily in banks, gas stations, and large retail stores. Advancements in this technology have made it possible for the use of surveillance systems to be used in virtually any size of business, as well as in your home, office, school, and even on your street corner.


Northbridge is working with great partners like Samsung Security, Avigilon, and Adtran to provide advanced video surveillance systems to businesses, organizations and municipalities. These systems provide valuable security and theft deterrent options that can be scaled for any size of business and budget.


By combining the power of Adtran external wireless access points with HD IP cameras, Northbridge can now bring video surveillance to a much wider coverage area, which is becoming a goal for many local communities.

What Can A Video Surveillance System Do For You?

  • Live images in HD

  • Record 24 / 7

  • Provide video evidence of crime

  • Check on your office from home

  • 360° view of your office or home



  • Keep an eye on your house while on vacation

  • Live view on PC, tablet or smart phone

  • Motion activated recording

  • Cover large areas with clear picture

  • Night vision for security in the dark




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