To Windows 10 or Not to Windows 10

October 15, 2015

To Windows 10, or not to Window 10 - that is the question many businesses are asking now that Microsoft has released the latest version of the Windows operating system. If you have gone through any major Microsoft upgrade before, then you know that this is a great question to ask.


Microsoft approached this upgrade differently, allowing millions of users access to Windows 10 as it was being developed, hoping to cut down on the amount of bugs in the system before the main release date. Even with this step though, there are still plenty of issues and reasons for businesses to take a really close look at Windows 10 before introducing it into their office.


Overall Windows 10 is big improvement over Windows 8 and 8.1 (which isn’t saying much!). In Windows 10, Microsoft has attempted to combine the solid functionality of Windows 7 with the modern interface of Windows 8. The result if a different looking interface with a pretty solid OS behind it. Once all of the bugs are worked out, it should settle in to being one of Microsoft’s better platforms.


For now though, here are some things you need to know before you install a Windows 10 computer in your business:

  1. Even though Windows 10 was field tested on a larger scale than any previous Windows version, there are still plenty of bugs that need to be worked out. Those bugs can be disruptive to the normal flow of your business.

  2. Compatibility of your existing software may be an issue. With Windows 10 only becoming widely available in July of this year, many software companies have not updated their software to run correctly on the new platform. If you do choose to go with Windows 10, you should check with your software provider for any possible compatibility issues ahead of time.

  3. Many online programs, web sites, and software clients only work in Windows Internet Explorer (and many are restricted to certain versions of IE). In Windows 10, Microsoft has removed Internet Explorer all together and replaced it with Microsoft Edge. While we may expect that Edge and Explorer are similar, they are likely to differ enough to cause potential compatibility issues. You may think that you are safe from general software compatibility issues if most of your work is done online, but this change for Windows 10 means that you may have issues with online tasks also.

  4. Chances are that most of your employees do not yet have Windows 10 at home, so there will be a learning curve when it comes to figuring out the new system. More advanced users will be able to figure things out quickly, but for more basic users this might be a challenge that could take valuable time away from their other tasks. This is true of course with all new operating systems, but it is important to keep in mind when evaluating Windows 10 for your business.

  5. For those of you who are governed by HIPAA, recently studies have shown that the End User Agreement in Windows 10 may present some HIPAA issues. These issues are being looked at from both sides, but for now it may be safer not to use Windows 10 computers to access HIPAA protected data.


Microsoft has already announced that Windows 10 will be around for a long time, so Windows 10 will make its way into your business network eventually. Our recommendation is that you delay that introduction until you are confident that all of your software and online activity will be compatible.


If you need new computers before all of the software compatibility issues have been worked out with Windows 10, Northbridge will be able to purchase business class computers from Dell with Windows 7 for the next few months. So give us a call today and we can take care of getting you the new computers you need, whether you need to stick with Windows 7, or you are ready to make the jump to Windows 10.

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