Is it Time to Break Up with Your IT Company?

June 20, 2014

Do you remember when your relationship with your current IT support vendor started? It was a time of such promise and possibilities! The nice salesman who came to see you made you feel so important and paid a lot of attention – as if you were his only client. He seemed to really understand the struggles you were going through and your goals for a better future. He promised to do whatever it would take to see your dreams and goals come true. It was a time of hope!


Sometime after you took the plunge and entered into a vendor relationship with that IT company,  however, the nice salesman disappeared (he moved on to court his next customer), you met the company he represented, and that is when you found out that things were not going to be as wonderful as promised!


Sound familiar?


If this describes your experience then you should now that not all IT support companies are bad, and we are here to help you break up with your current vendor and find one that really will meet your needs and help you reach your business goals.


Here are 4 signs that it’s time to break up with you IT support company:


  • The never ending contract. You may have entered into a support agreement with your current IT company by making a significant purchase and signing support contract and/or lease for that equipment. At the time it seemed like a good idea because it allowed you to spread the payment out over a few years. However, have you ever really done the math and figured out how much that equipment is really going to cost you? A $10,000 phone system might cost you $25,000 if you pay for it over 5 years! And then there are of the little adjustments along the way that increase the cost and extend the life of the contract. Before you know it that 5 year contract is going to last until well after your have retired (but you will still have to figure out how to pay for it). It’s best not to get into the contract in the first place. If a support agreement comes with your purchase, that’s great, take the support but forget the long term contract – that puts you in charge, not your IT vendor.


  • No more personal attention. When you first got connected to your IT vendor they always returned your phone calls, and even called you just to see how you were doing. But now that you have been with them for a while they don’t call as much. They might not return your calls as quickly any more either. Could it be because they are busy giving lots of extra attention to other companies who are newer that you? You are better off without them anyway – any IT company that doesn’t see their relationship with you as a true partnership isn’t worth keeping.


  • You know more than they do. Have you ever had to tell your IT support technician how to fix something? Or maybe you got the feeling that you knew more about what they were trying to do, but you were too nice to tell them? That’s a sign that they have sent you the "new guy" and the other more experienced technicians (if there are any), have been assigned to other customers. If you know more that the guy trying to fix your computer, why is working on it for you? When that happens it’s time to do it yourself or find a different company with real engineers.


  • Less for more. Once you have been with some IT companies for a while, they will figure out a way to get more money out of you for the same (or less) service you have had all along. They figure that, as long as you are good at paying your bills, you won’t mind paying a little more. It’s like how the price of candy bars keeps going up but the size is shrinking! Every increase in cost should come with an equal increase in services.


Change is hard, and too many companies would rather stay in a dysfunctional relationship with a bad IT support company that go through the hassle of finding a good one. Well the good news is, if you have read this far in the blog – you have already found a good one!


Northbridge is committed to real partnerships with our customers. Your success is our success. We don’t believe in long term contracts that lock you into equipment that will very likely be obsolete before you finish paying for it. And, we will always provide you with the best support from our professional engineers in a timely manner. So go ahead and dump that other company and give us a call today!


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