The High Cost of Low Cost Technology

June 11, 2014

There is a wise old saying that reminds us that “you get what you pay for”, and when it comes to the technology you trust to run your business, that couldn’t be more accurate. Unfortunately many business owners, in an attempt to save some money, try to find the cheapest product or vendor, only to find that in the end, it can actually cost them MORE. We have our own saying at Northbridge Professional Technologies that sums this up – “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, try hiring an amateur!”


The main reason for the high cost of low cost technology is the money you will inevitable have to spend to fix the product you bought, or to hire someone else to come in and fix the mess the amateur computer guy caused. You wouldn’t buy a car that was built in some guy’s garage, so why would you buy your technology that way?


We have been called into many situations just like these – were someone who does computer work on the side or as a hobby has made a mess of things in a business. We feel bad for the business because of the extra money they are now having to spend, and for the fact that if they had called us first, they would not be in such a mess. It is a lesson that many businesses owners learn the hard way.


Here are 4 benefits to hiring a professional to take care of your technology needs:


  1. Solid products. Professional technology companies, like Northbridge, use industry-leading products to provide reliable services. These products are built for use in a business environment and typically come with great warranties. These products may cost a little more, but they last much longer, saving you money in the end.

  2. Experience. You don’t get to call yourself a professional just because you have a piece of paper with a certificate on it, or if you have built a few computers in your basement. You earn that title through years of business related experience with proven results. At Northbridge, we hire only true professional engineers who have the experience to back them up.

  3. No Trial and Error. When a technology company has the products and experience to do things right the first time, you will save money and down time when you hire them. Whether you need ongoing support, or a new phone system, computer, or entire network, you need help from someone who has done it all before.

  4. Depth of Support. No computer engineer is going to have all the answers, no matter how much experience they have. When your technology vendor has issues, who will they call for help? Professional companies have multiple employees and their engineers work as a team, drawing from their collective experiences to solve problems. If the answer is not found within the team, they turn to their technology partners for answers. They are not left scratching their heads, wondering what to do next.


So when the time comes for you to hire someone to fix your computers or servers, or when you need to upgrade your network, phone system or security cameras, save yourself some money and call a professional!

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