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If you work in, or own, a business that is related to medical services, then you know about HIPAA. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is a major federal law that has been evolving since it was signed into law in 1996. The goal of the law is to protect the private health information (PHI) of everyone who receives services from any kind of medical service provider. To this end, HIPAA compliance regulations are extensive, and touch almost every area of the operations of medical service providers.


Technology is not exempt from HIPAA regulations. In fact, technology requirements are specifically addressed by HIPAA in the Security Rule. Servers and computers, security cameras, backup devices, and even fax machines are just a few examples of how technology is used to transmit Protected Health Information, and are therefore covered by HIPAA regulations. By ignoring, underestimating, or otherwise not abiding by the Security Rule of HIPAA has left many healthcare organizations vulnerable to potential breaches, which can lead to a heavy financial penalty under the law.


At Northbridge Professional Technologies we ensure that any solution offered to any Covered Entity is compliant with HIPAA regulations. We can also enter into a Business Assosciate Agreement with you to extend your compliance out to the vendor level.


Through our partnership with HIPAATrek, a leading national provider of HIPAA services, we can assist with security assessments, risk anaysis, and compiant backup and recovery solutions.


Give us a call today to see how Northbridge can help you acheive and protect your HIPAA compliance


Northbridge Professional Technologies is proud to partner with HIPPATrek to bring compiance solutions to our customers. When it comes to HIPAA compliance, don't just think you are safe, know for sure! Call today to schedule an appointment for review.

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