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How Healthy is Your Network??


If the computer network at your business is like most networks, it has been built over time and maintained by several different vendors or office staff. If that is true for you, then chances are that is does not always work as well as you need it to. The challenge is finding the problem in the midst of all the various parts. Any network is only as good as its weakest part, and a network that does not function well can slow down productivity and cause frustration.

The Northbridge Network Assessment


The best way to get a clear picture of the health of your network and identify current and future problems is through a professional network assessment. At Northbridge Professional Services, our network engineers have performed assessments in every kind and size of network, and resolved every kind of network issue.

The Assessment Advantage


A network assessment is the first step to getting your network healthy again. This assessment, performed by a professional network engineer, will accomplish the following:

  • Identify network bottlenecks

  • Identify and resolve security vulnerabilities

  • Create visual map of network traffic flow

  • Inventory all network hardware

  • Inventory computers, servers and printers

  •  Recommendations for upgrades and changes

  • Recommendations for internet bandwidth needs

  • Identify issues with computers and servers

Don’t put up with a slow network

Call today to schedule your Professional Network Assessment

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