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About Northbridge


Why should you partner with us?


We are not some faceless conglomerate with outsourced support staff that doesn't speak english. Our staff truly cares about their customers, yes their customers. Our staff takes great pride in ownership of each and every project they do for customers. We operate in a true team environment here. When you partner with us, you will get to know each person on a first name basis and even recognise their voice when they answer your calls. You are not just another caller id that was routed to a call center 4000 miles away.

How are we different from every other IT company out there?


We are different because we don't just sell you a product and move on to the next sale. We take pride in knowing we are building a long term relationship with our customers.



We are business owners just like you..


Northbridge Professional Technologies, Inc. is owned and operated by people just like you. We have all dealt with ineffective or just plain incompetent IT companies in the past. That is why we are where we are today, we realized we can do it better!!

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